How can I benefit from promoting this opportunity?

We strongly believe that our best possible recommendations come from happy customers like YOU. If you recommend us to friends and/or neighbours who mention your name when they buy a MAG box from us OR when they take out a primary subscription, we’ll add a FREE MONTH to your TV account (MAG box or mobile), to say thank you! *LIMITED TO 12 MONTHS FREE TV.

* Free months are added to the end of your existing subscription period, and may not be exchanged for cash. Free months are applied as a credit on your account when a new member you recommend stays with us for more than 7 days.

Can I send content to a TV?

If you have the facility to ‘cast’ content from your mobile device to a TV (typically via external hardware such as an Apple TV box or Chromecast) or if you have a smart TV with Airplay built in, then YES. Use the casting features within the mobile app or your device to send your content straight to a compatible TV. With many smart TVs you can also download apps directly to the TV itself, meaning you can also use our service without any mobile device or extra set-top box – just download the app directly onto your TV!

Can I use your mobile service on more than one device?

Yes, though not at the same time. Once you have paid for and downloaded the StalkerTV app or Ministra app, you should be able to download it again on other mobile devices linked to the same Apple or Google account at no extra cost, and then enter the same login details on each device… However your login details will only work on one device at a time – if you try to run it on more than one device, all but one will stop streaming within a few minutes. Each mobile subscription may only be used by only ONE person at a time, and not by multiple family members or friends. If family or friends want to enjoy the service too, they will each need their own active subscription.

Questions? We’re here to help – please send us your queries and we’ll happily answer them for you